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  • Custom post backup script support
  • Improved installer detects dar path and other things automatically
  • User Base: SaraB is included in the Gentoo linux distribution
  • Secure software: Release 0.2.4 fixes security holes
  • Mature software: Release 0.2.3 fixes bugs
  • Multiple configurations - Useful to make backups of multiple servers over the network
  • Easy installation - Use the install script to install SaraB in seconds
  • Towers of Hanoi: Advanced rotation strategy that has the most efficient use of backup media
  • Grandfather-Father-Son: Popular rotation strategy that uses differential and incremental backups to save space
  • Custom rotation strategies: Very powerful, yet simple to create. Useful examples included.
  • Differential and incremental backups
  • Archive testing to verify that your backups were created without any corruptions
  • Email notification when events occur, such as backup success and failure